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Blake Weissman

Open for business.

My Services

For individuals:
You’re a smart and kind person that's high in demand for your expertise, but you're only one person. You don't have enough time to share your knowledge. I'll help you scale your expertise so you can make more money and get more bang for your buck.

You are interested in the venture capital space, but don't know where to start. You're scrappy, entrepreneurial and understand that the VC landscape is so muddy to navigate. After confirming if we are a fit, I will incorporate you into our custom programming to help you learn about venture and meet people in the space.

For businesses:
You have one key problem that you're looking to solve and either don't have the time or bandwidth to solve it. I'll come in as the Robin to your Batman and help you take the load off your shoulders.

You are raising your first pre-seed or seed round and don't know how to frame it for an investor. You're either too in the mud working on your own company or haven't been exposed to the venture mentality. If I feel your business is worth sharing and fundraising, I will help you break down your fundraising deck and will attempt to introduce you to a few key strategic people.

Why Now?

There are so many individuals and business owners that could use the help as the barrier to entry of creating and scaling a company continues to decrease. After the Innovate Summit in May 2024, I was so inspired to help such great individuals and companies, that I decided to open up shop to help them along the way.

Who is this guy?

I'm reaching out to my personal network first before opening up to the public market. If you know me personally, one of my best attributes is quickly adapting. That's what helped our tennis tennis win the state championship after trying for 25 years and eventually helped Hawke Ventures get featured in TechCrunch.

If you want to check that I'm not just a guy with a fairly decent pesonality who is scamming you, then check out how I've helped out in the past.

Case Study 1: Spill the Honey

Problem: Highly powerful mission. Little exposure to the younger generation.
Solution: Create webinars, events, discussions, content, and facilitate growth.
Outcome: Press (Michigan Daily x2), 100+ Universities, $80,000 Fellowship Grant with Morehouse College, Strategic Partnerships with Israel Consulate General of Atlanta, NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, Senator Reverend Warnock, Established National Network of  Ambassadors.
Testimonials: Lisa Weitzman, Dr. Shari Rogers, Dr. Clarence B. Jones, Andre Ray, Wendell Shelby Wallace, Anant Sultan Dadot

Case Study 2: Hawke Ventures

Problem(s): Investors getting pitched by founders who don’t understand how to speak VC. Founders want to pitch more effectively, but don’t know how. Recruiting into VC is super vague. Firms need help with diversity.
Solution: Build a fellowship program that recruits, trains, and develops underrepresented professional, giving them unique exposure to the venture landscape, building relationships with key stakeholders in the ecosystem, and unlocking novel opportunities for them.
Outcome: Deal-flow: firm invested $100K in a deal brought by one of our professionals. $1M worth of jobs. Having the training and credibility of a venture firm on their resume opened the doors to land venture-related opportunities. Strategic collaborations with various venture firms like: Hustle Fund, Commerce Ventures, MVMT Ventures; Accelerators like UCLA Price Accelerator, and independent business owners such as Robbie Crabtree whose helped founders raise almost $1B worth of funding. Featured in Teten, VCStack, TechCrunch.
Testimonials: Drew Leahy, Mara Chaben, Jared Williams, Jessica Lozano Schmitt, Jessica Gaffney, Semra Ezedin, Laura Casey, Simmone Seymour, Robbie Crabtree, Moaz Hamid, Luke Aschenbrand.

Case Study 3: Innovate Summit

Problem: Needed to make a concierge-style service for facilitating connections.
Solution: Created a system that allowed for much more strategic connections called the connection conductors.
Outcome: Facilitated deal-flow. Moderated the “Future of Venture Capital Panel”. Team helped connect over 100 participants with strategically aligned people. Recruiting firm partnered with various partners. Startup founders meeting key hires. Executive coaches pairing with brand leaders. Extremely high praise for outcome of the facilitation.  
Testimonials: Brian Wallace, Drew Sutton, Bobbie Carlton, Dr. AI Addyson Zhang, Tuli Kraus

Case Studies

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Scaling Intros AI

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I get it. You want to know how specifically I can help you. Your business is unique. No one else "gets it". Just take a look at these and hopefully I can convince you that I tend to "get it" pretty fast so we can start producing.
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