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We serve AdTech & MarTech companies looking to raise funds.


We look at your company's pitch deck, break it down from an investor's point of view, and offer recommendations for how to improve it to maximize your chances of success.

Our Process

Step 1: Intro Call
Step 2: Review Deck
Step 3: Feedback Session
Step 4: Evaluation + Report

Why Us?

A venture analyst is the primary gatekeeper before your company gets funded. They are put in charge of doing extensive diligence, making sure your company checks every box. We have been in the trenches as analysts and know what it takes to get you passed along.


Evaluation & Report: $750

*For further assistance, we have custom plans


"This was so helpful"

David Dele-Ojo

"We raised $30,000!"

Koby Rehman

"I would easily pay $1000 and share it with all of my startup friends raising right now"

JD Worchester

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